Have You Been Charged With a Serious Crime?

Have You Been Charged With a Serious Crime?

You need a professional criminal defense lawyer in Bossier City, LA and throughout all of Northwest Louisiana

Criminal allegations come in a variety of forms, potentially leading to jail time and a permanent record. No matter the circumstances, you deserve a fair shot at justice. You can depend on Zach Shadinger, a Bossier City, LA criminal law attorney who knows the ins and outs of Louisiana criminal law.

The Law Office Of Zach Shadinger can help you fight DWI and DUI charges, as well as allegations of domestic violence, battery, assault or drug possession. Attorney Shadinger can speak with you about your circumstances and create a defense that helps your case. With Zach Shadinger as your criminal defense lawyer, you can rest easy knowing that your future is in good hands.

Don't try to fight these allegations without professional assistance. Zach Shadinger handle your legal troubles by calling 318-742-1111 now.

Count on an experienced lawyer for your criminal defense

From drug possession to domestic violence, attorney Shadinger has experience in every area of criminal defense. He brings professionalism to every case, and offers:

  • Knowledgeable defense for a variety of charges
  • Personalized service and regular contact
  • Quick and complete legal service that you can trust

When you need a criminal defense lawyer in Bossier City, LA, look no further than The Law Office Of Zach Shadinger. Call now for the defense you need!